About Us

Crossmap is a Christian living portal website serving the U.S. and global Christian communities.

Crossmap's vision is to gather and share every beneficial Christian resource in the world based on Biblical values, while promoting cooperation among believers and strengthening the faith of our site visitors.

The Crossmap network is pan-denominational, viewing all Christian denominations as equal constituents of the body of Christ, and all Crossmap staff and contributors adhere to our statement of faith.


Editorial Team

Crossmap coverage focuses on positive and inspirational messages following Christian trends and events including news, blogs, lifestyle stories and testimonies.

We are here to create an online community environment for artistic and creative Christians to participate.

The Crossmap platform fosters Christian voices via unique written, visual and interactive contributions from our audience.



Ruth Miyake editor@crossmap.com


Aika "Ruth" Miyake is the Executive Editor of Crossmap. She has been serving the Christian publication since 2008. Her love for journalism and the Gospel has filled her heart with great passion to share Christian news around the world. Ruth has written for several other press publications but desires most to share God's grace and good news through Crossmap. Ruth is a graduate of New York University and has a Masters Degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She lives with her husband, Ryo, and two dogs in New York City.


Staff Reporters

James Brown
Michelle McErlain
Boaz Wadel
David Jenkins
Daniella Chen
Karen Rogers
Daniel Lewis



Crossmap was started by a coalition of Silicon Valley college students in 2002. By 2004, the portal had already grown into one of the largest Christian websites, amassing millions of readers every month.

Over the next several years, Crossmap formed an international network of resource gathering hubs, and in 2009 the headquarters moved to New York as a more strategic location to serve the U.S. and international community.

Crossmap shares contents with a wider audience via partners including The Christian Post, GNLi and Breathecast.com.